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Co-Writing Session

The Pros and Cons of Co-Writing

By Jarrod Dickenson / May 24, 2018 /

Several artists on my email list wanted to learn more about the ins and outs of co-writing. For this post, I tapped my good friend and Decca recording artists, Jarrod Dickenson. Jarrod is a fantastic songwriter in his own right but has plenty of experience co-writing too. Enjoy! – Chris Songwriting is a strange and…

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3 Best Indie Music Production Consulting Companies in 2018

3 Best Indie Music Production Consulting Companies in 2018

By Chris Jacobie / May 19, 2018 /

Question: Who/what are the 3 best indie music production consulting companies in 2018? Answer: Best recommendation: Jacobie Productions. Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my own company, Jacobie Productions! 1. Ryan Hadlock 2. Sam Kassirer 3. Markus Dravs There countless companies working in indie music production, but which are the best? We’ve…

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Indie Artist Management | Indie Music management 101 (2018)

Indie Artist Management | Indie Music Management 101 (2018)

By Chris Jacobie / May 5, 2018 /

Question: What’s everything I need to know about indie artist management and, generally, indie music management in 2018? Answer: Indie artist management does not consist of launching your career for you. Indie music management companies are great at pouring gas on the fire when you already have good fan engagement and plenty of bookings. You…

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7 Proven Steps That Will Make You A Great Producer

7 Proven Steps That Will Make You A Great Producer

By Chris Jacobie / May 1, 2018 /

Every once in a while someone comes to me and they want to know how to do what I do. They ask: “Hey I want to learn more about mixing and mastering and recording, and what you do. Can you help me out with that?” What they’re actually asking is, “Can you teach me to…

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Music Marketing Basics – Part 3 of 3

By Chris Jacobie / April 26, 2018 /

Welcome back!   This is the final part of a three-part series on music marketing basics.   You’re learning the eight-step framework for marketing your music.   Here’s what we’ve covered so far: Step 1: Choose a single target market. Step 2: Get your ideal fans to show you that they’re interested. Step 3: Get…

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Music Marketing Basics – Part 2 of 3

By Chris Jacobie / April 19, 2018 /

Welcome back!   If you read last week’s post, you know that in this series of posts, I’m teaching you the basics of marketing your music. If you didn’t, check it out here before reading this post. It’s an eight-step marketing framework and last week we talked about the first three steps.   They were:…

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Music Marketing Basics – Part 1 of 3

By Chris Jacobie / April 12, 2018 /

A few weeks ago, I sent out an email to my email subscriber list and asked them, “Do you guys have any questions?”   The questions fell into three main camps: songwriting, recording, and marketing.   The general question with marketing was: “I don’t even know where to start? I know I need to promote…

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Wedding Rings

Shapeshifter Romance: On Being A Married Musician

By Andy Baxter / April 5, 2018 /

Starting with a disclaimer is boring so I’m not going to. We can slog through that in a little while. Instead, how about we begin with a short biography of me, the author of all the sentences you’re looking at? I’m going to imagine that whoever’s reading this has just said something like: “Hey man,…

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Notepad and Pen

How To Deal With Writer’s Block For Songwriters

By JP Ruggieri / March 22, 2018 /

To most of us, songwriting can seem like a fragile art. There are times when ideas surge and the unforgiving force of a song is relentless.  But once that tide ebbs, we’re left with nothing but a mind filled with panic. In these troubling times, I too have searched the internet for answers.  My efforts…

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Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed When Writing Multiple Songs At Once

By Chris Jacobie / March 15, 2018 /

If you’ve ever struggled to complete a song or a project, you’re in the right place. Two weeks ago you learned how to effectively capture your ideas in an ‘external brain.’ Then, last week, you learned the best time of day to sort your song ideas. In today’s post, you’ll learn… How To Manage Writing…

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