Produced (P), Engineered (E), Mixed (M)

Penny & Sparrow
Wendigo  - P, E, M
Christmas Songs - P, E, M
Struggle Pretty - P, E, M
Tenboom - P, E
Creature EP - M

JP Ruggieri
Upcoming Album - P, M
EP - P

Abbie Gardner
Upcoming Album - M

Nick Dahlquist
Autumn EP - P, E, M

Ryan Azzaro
EP - P, M

Paul Demer
One Day (Single) - M

Willow City (formerly 4 Proches)
Run To You

Jarrod Dickenson
Songs From Willow St. EP - P, E, M
An Evening In The Sun - M

Friendly Savages
East In The Morning - P

Duncan Fellows
Marrow EP - P

Summit Hour - P, E
Youth Hunting (Single) - P, E, M

Trevor Borden
From The Mountain - P, E, M

Kate LeDrew
Child Of Freedom (Single) - P, M
Hijack The Radio (Single) - P, M

Sean Azzaro
Simple Things - P, E, M

Daniel Crawford
In The Maze EP - P, M
Home - P, E

Atlas Youth
Memoir (Single) - P, E, M
Alaska (Single) - P, E, M