Why should I choose to hire and work with you?

I’ve produced artists for over a decade and my productions have landed in the top 10 Billboard Folk Album charts. My productions have also topped the iTunes singer-songwriter charts many times. I’m confident I have the skills, experience, and insider knowledge to help you succeed. Plus, I’ll show you how to get 80% of the money you need without paying it back or going to mobsters or going into debt.


What makes you different from other music producers?

The Jacobie Music Production Method. I created my process to help me record my own music the way I wanted to hear it. Along the way, this resulted in me finding the best approach to capture any artist’s true essence. Since then I’ve gone on to record dozens of albums and over 100 songs. My clients have dramatically increased their fan base after working with me. Plus, I’m very successful at getting the money for my clients in ways they never would do on their own.


What do I get by working with you?

  1. Increase the power of your songwriting while maintaining your voice. You will better understand what makes your songs ‘tick’ and how to keep from boring your listeners.
  2. Record your best performances to date. Think of a producer like a personal trainer for musical performance. I’m there to draw out your untapped potential.
  3. Leave with a recording you love. One that gives you the confidence to build your fan base and pitch to music industry insiders. And if you don’t love it, I’ll make it right or I’ll give you your money back. Life’s too short to have a recording that doesn’t represent you well.
  4. Listeners are drawn to recordings of artists that have captured their unique sound. If listeners don’t hear that on your recordings, they’ll look past you for someone else. Once you capture your sound, your fan base will begin to grow. Artists that capture their sound win in the marketplace.
  5. I can get you money (for promotion, for producing your records, etc.) that you don’t have to pay back.


What if I’m not happy with the results?

No worries! You will absolutely love it or you get 100% of your MONEY-BACK, GUARANTEED.

I want you to be successful and I’m doing my best to take away as much of the risk possible. Promoting your music is no easy task. Even for the greatest artists of all time, it’s a path fraught with rejection. And if that wasn’t enough, there is a whole subset of music industry scum bags ready to take your money with no promise of results, let alone a positive ROI.

To counteract that whole mess, I guarantee that you’ll love your recording or I’ll refund your money. The only thing I care about is helping you succeed. If your career hits the skids because of a subpar recording, so does mine.

So, if you’re unhappy with your recording in any way and I can’t fix it for you, I’ll just give you your money back. That way you can have another go at recording your music with another producer.


What happens after you produce my songs?

After your record is complete, we’ll have quarterly 1 hr. strategy calls for the length of the album cycle. This way you can have someone to bounce fan base building ideas off of on a regular basis.


How much do you charge?

After we discuss your music goals and challenges I’ll put together a custom quote that provides different options that fit your budget and help you reach your goals. No matter what, we’ll both agree to everything before moving forward. You’ll find my fees are ridiculously reasonable especially because I can show you how to get enough money to succeed without going into debt.


Still have questions?

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