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Music Marketing Basics – Part 2 of 3

Welcome back!
If you read last week’s post, you know that in this series of posts, I’m teaching you the basics of marketing your music. If you didn’t, check it out here before reading this post.
It’s an eight-step marketing framework and last week we talked about the first three steps.
They were:
  1. Choose a single target market.
  2. Get potential fans to show you that they’re interested in your music.
  3. Get your potential fans to know, like, and trust you.
Now, we’re moving onto the next three steps. This is really exciting because up until this point you’ve built a list and communicated with the people on it but…
…it’s all one-way communication.
You’re spending money, putting out content, sending out messages and no one is actually buying anything from you!

If you want to quit your day job …pay attention.

In these steps, you get someone to say, “Your music or music experience is so valuable to me that I’m actually going to pay for it.”
You know all the guys and girls that are out there playing music full time and have a fan base? The reason that they’re able to do that is that they figured out how to get people to give them money for what they do.
It’s that simple.
So, are you ready? Here’s step four.

Step four: make an irresistible offer.

One of my marketing mentors, Dean Jackson has a great analogy for describing what an irresistible offer is.
Imagine that I invite you over to my house and I sit you down in the living room and I say:
“Hey! It’s so good that you’re here. If you need anything, help yourself to the fridge. There are all sorts of food and drink in there, just get whatever you want.”
How many people in that situation actually go to the fridge and make something to eat or get a drink? Most don’t, right?
Yet, this is what most people are doing with their marketing. There’s a link to your merch page on your website…
just in case, someone wanders over there and wants to buy something.
How often does that happen? (Clue: not very often!)
Here’s a different scenario:
Imagine that I invite you over to my house and I sit you down in my living room. I bring over a hot, delicious smelling plate of cookies, put it right in your face and I ask you if you want a cookie.
Who will say ‘no’ to that? That’s an irresistible offer!
So here you are with your potential fans on an email list.
They’re interested. They like you.
Now, offer them something before they get up and leave!
  • It could be a special merch bundle.
  • It could be an exclusive live video.
  • A vinyl pressing of your newest album.
  • It could be tickets to your next show.
  • It could be VIP tickets at the show.
Create something that is irresistible, that makes people go, 
“Man, I really want that and I need it now!”
The moment they buy something, do a little dance. You’ve found a true fan!
That’s what step four is all about and it’s a big moment but your marketing isn’t over. There’s so much more. On to step five!
Now step five is pretty simple but super important.

Step five is: deliver on the promises you made in step four.

Imagine that you sell someone a ticket to your concert. You really went out of your way to make an event. It’s gonna be the most amazing night ever. There will be dinner and free beer. There are going to be two amazing openers.
Then, the show comes around, people show up, and you’re like:
“Well we didn’t get the beer, dinner fell through and the openers canceled.”
If you do that you just lost the fans you worked so hard to get. You lied. You promised a whole lot and then you didn’t deliver.
Another example, someone buys merch from your website and you don’t ship it out because you’re on tour. They don’t get it for six weeks. You probably just lost that fan too.
So if you promise something awesome, step five is simply to deliver on the thing that you promised. Better yet, go above and beyond.
Step six is the last one for today and this one’s really fun.

Step six is: provide a little something special after you sell something to someone.

Think about how many times you’ve bought something from someone and you never hear from them again.
They don’t email you. They don’t call you. They never try to sell you anything else. They’re just like,
“See ya, on to the next person.”
It feels cruddy. And what do you do next time you need that thing? You just buy from somebody else.
Now, obviously, if you’re dealing with thousands of people, it’s going to be difficult to touch base individually.
But what you could do is shoot a quick selfie video after your show. Say,
“Hey! Thank you so much for coming to the show. We had a blast. Hope to see you next time in Cleveland.”
Then send that in an email to the people who bought tickets to that show. As a ‘thank you’, at the bottom of the email have a coupon code that they can use to get 20% off merch the next three days.
How hard is that?
When Taylor Swift was starting out she would have these VIP things at her shows and she would write a thank you note to each attendee. She didn’t have to do that. I mean her hand was probably cramping up!
But that is how you create lasting bonds with fans.
Taking that lasting bond even further is what we’re going to be talking about in next week’s post. Stay tuned for that.



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