Which Crowdfunding Platform Should You Use?

Last May when my client, Nick Dahlquist, came to me and he was stressed out. He was busy wrapping up a semester at school and getting five songs ready to record. On top of that, he was launching his crowdfunding campaign.

He sent me a short message that simply asked,

“Which Is The Best Platform For Crowdfunding?”

And at that time, I felt horrible that I didn’t know the answer to this. It would have taken a lot of stress off his plate.

Lucky for you, I’ve narrowed it down to the only two that you should consider for your recording project.

Here they are:

Avoid PledgeMusic, because they take 15% of whatever you raise.

In the end, Nick went with Kickstarter, and it worked out great. He funded his entire EP that way.

Here’s what Nick had to say about working with me:

Chris created a recording environment that was the ideal blend of professional and casual. He gained my trust quickly as my producer, and even quicker as my friend. The questions Chris asked and the challenges he posed along the way broadened my understanding of myself as a songwriter, and of the craft itself. Chris helped me find my signature vocal sound that will undoubtedly shape how I approach all my future albums. — Nick Dahlquist (St. Louis, MO)

Happy Crowdfunding!


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It is no exaggeration to say that without Chris Jacobie we wouldn’t be a band today. He has been with us since we were playing for 6 people in Austin & was there a few nights ago when we played for 1,000.

Penny & Sparrow

Austin, TX & Florence, AL

“Chris has some of the best ears and ideas in the business! Plus, he makes an artist feel at ease and welcome in a studio environment.”

Decca Recording Artist: Jarrod Dickenson

Nashville, TN

As a producer, Chris just gets the big picture of where you are coming from and where you want to go. He helps protect the sound you want while at the same time exploring new ideas. We cannot wait to go back!”


Lexington, KY

"The questions Chris asked and the challenges he posed along the way broadened my understanding of myself as a songwriter, and of the craft itself.”

Nick Dahlquist

St. Louis, MO

“I don't know enough about sound and audio to say why, but I know that when I work with Chris, I can trust that he knows what I want. And that's totally kickass!”

JP Ruggieri

Nashville, TN

“We love Chris's creativity in the studio. Working with him is like a360-degreee musical experience. It's AWESOME!”

Willow City

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Chris Jacobie

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